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Scoliometer App

Scoliometer App is a safe and innovative way to screen one’s scoliosis condition. The scoliometer is a useful and highly innovative tool for medical professionals, doctors and those who want to take scoliosis checkups at home. Unlike the physical one our digital scoliometer increases the range from 30 degrees to 50 degrees. This means you can screen higher scoliosis curves than ever before. It’s adapted for mild to severe scoliosis and suited to a wider range of uses.

About The Developer

Dr Kevin Lau

A graduate from Australia and United States of America, Dr. Kevin Lau, combines university education with a lifetime of practicing natural and preventive healthcare. His immensely successful holistic approach for managing scoliosis attempts to free your mind, body as well as the spirit from all the remnants of the disease.

Watch out for the most amazing array of books, journals, tools and devices to aid you on the road to recovery from scoliosis. Dr. Kevin Lau brings to you never-before, information-rich volumes and books on scoliosis, presented in an extremely reader- friendly manner. Look for some of the best natural forms of management in the Amazon bestseller Your Plan for Natural Scoliosis Prevention and Treatment book.

Dr. Kevin Lau also perfectly combines technology with healthcare practices. The Scoliosis Exercises for Prevention and Correction DVD is the most comprehensive compilation of correction exercises you could ever look for. Also try the innovative ScolioTrack, the top-ranking iTunes and Android for Medical Apps and Scoliometer, the state of the art of app that can help you keep track of your deformity and monitor your progress.

A firm believer in the ideology that health and sickness are within our control, Dr. Lau’s main grounding has come from his own experiences from treating scoliosis patients for most of his life.

<h2>Dr. Kevin Lau's <br> Mission  Statement</h2>

Dr. Kevin Lau's
Mission Statement

"To inspire innovative solutions and promote strategies that creates health independence for scoliosis sufferers."

The true cure for scoliosis lies in the eradication of its root cause. I, hereby reinforce my commitment to the research to unravel the factors that cause scoliosis. The current research is limited to the analysis of bracing and surgical techniques which only manage the symptoms and impact of the disorder. The research to identify and manage the core cause of scoliosis still offers a vast scope.

In good health,
<h2>Dr. Kevin Lau</h2>
Dr. Kevin Lau

Company Overview

ScolioLife™ aims to inspire innovative solutions that sustain both preventive and corrective measures for scoliosis sufferers. The company’s main ethos is to create, share and promote strategies that utilize state of the art technology, for optimal health and balanced living.